Nightlife Attractions in London For Tourists

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  • 2017-02-23

Nightlife Attractions in London For Tourists

Ministry of Sound London

Ministry of Sound London is one of the best nightclubs in London and more than 5,000 visitors are attracted to this must visit venue. Ministry of Sound utilizes only 45% of its sound playing capacity and uses high tech music equipment. Visitors to the club’s main room, The Box, can experience an exceptional thrill with music that vibrates through their whole body.

Ministry of Sound has huge dance floors and three bars accessorized with magnificent lightening to create an exceptional party atmosphere. Experience what world famous DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong have to offer to make your visit at Ministry of Sound memorable.


Fabric is located in Clerkenwell and is one of the wildest and most fun-packed entertainment spots you can look for in London. The owners of Fabri;, Cameron Leslie and Keith Reily, has come up with an exceptional and unique idea which attracts tourist from all over the world again and again. Fabric has extraordinarily huge and plush dance floors to accommodate more than 2,500 guests who are ready for hip hop and drum and bass dancing. The nightclub is fully equipped with Electronically, Techno, Techno and House music just right for night full of dancing.

Club Aquarium

Club Aquarium is located in Shoreditch and is a favorite spot for locals and tourists. It is a nightclub with unique entertainment. Club Aquarium is like no other nightclub in London with its five rooms each built with its own swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It is rated among the most fascinating nightclubs around the world and boosts Bar Aquarium on the right side of Club Aquarium with a VIP Lounge, two dance floors and a chill-out. Perfect for a gig or a video shoot, it houses nearly 500 people. Another attraction includes a roof-top terrace with a garden and Bar Aquarium is famous for its elegant choice of cuisines.

Cafe De Paris

Café De Paris was established in 1924 and is famous for its cultural and historical heritage. Its late 20’s royal furnishings with its Parisians café chairs and huge chandeliers made with antique crystal makes it a world apart from other modern venues which provide contemporary alternative entertainment. It reopened as a theater club after the World War but still offers cabaret and provides location for film shootings. You won’t find electronic music here as a matter of tradition but all the same you will enjoy and have some great fun.

Artesian Bar at the Langham

Artesian Hotel and Bar is one the most exquisite hotels in London and its Artesian bar has a full menu including amazing rum collections, champagne lists and an incredible cocktail collections. The design of the exclusive bar is Chinese and you can enjoy the antique furnishing with your family and friends. Try their Langham Tea Punch; a wild and unique drink at the Artesian Bar. The bar and hotel were recently awarded the rating of the World’s Best Hotel and Bar.

Kingly Club

Kingly Club has one of the most adorable venues amongst all the clubs in London. It has a member-only bar with a highly prominent and distinguished clientele who are some of the most recommended names in the UK.  Kingly Cub is located in SoHo, a most convenient stop for the club’s renowned guests. The bar is a gem and includes the most expensive and finest variety of drinks. Private Booth includes white linen clad tables making the surrounding aquariums more prominent.

Aura Mayfair

Aura Mayfair is located on St. James Street, Mayfair through a private entrance. On entering the Aura the scene changes abruptly into a room glowing with huge purple lights upon walls and booths. The center of the huge room is dominated by a large crescent shaped table servicing as bar with huge and small chairs on both sides. Aura, founded and financed by an elected group of financers, is a blend of diverse backgrounds and expertise. For admittance membership is required.


Koko is located in the famous venue of the former Camden Theater that opened on Boxing Day in 1900. The building was converted in the Koko Nightclub at a multi-million dollar expenditure. The investment was worth it and now Koko Nightclub is one of the most expensive nightlife entertainments in London. Koko has recently become a venue of incredible joy and entertainment due to its most exceptional curtain raising productions performed by celebrities which keeps on attracting local and foreign crowds.

The Bar with No Name

The Bar with No name is located at 69 Colebrooke Row with a highly sophisticated cocktail menu improvised by Tony Conigliaro, known as the best bartender in the UK. The nameless bar has created a curiosity with its exceptional drinks and entertainment for visitors who are attracted in flocks to see the nameless establishment which provides some of the most exclusive entertainment in the city. Conigliaro has been successful in creating this nightclub into a top-rated establishment and has earned the exceptional reputation of the Best American Cocktail Bar 2012.


McQueen at Shoreditch is proclaimed the best among London bars with its serenity and peaceful homely features which are reserved only for top celebrities in the rock-n-roll business. The club features three rooms each designed for a particular kind of personality. Mc

Queen offers top amenities like awesome decorations, full menu, luxury booths and chairs while the lounge offers a complete atmosphere of luxury and comfort with rugs and fur throw pillows. The most fascinating aspect of the club is its enticing photos found in large black leather booths.