Running of the Bulls Festival Spain

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  • 2017-02-23

Running of the Bulls Festival Spain

If you have never had a chance to experience the Running for the Bulls Festival in Spain, it is time that you did. This exhilarating event is one of the major attractions in this wonderful country. It is a practice that involves running in front of bulls that have been turned loose on a town’s streets.

The tradition of the Running of the Bulls started in northeastern Spain during the early 14th century. If you have a brave heart and you are over 18, you can participate in this hair-raising event and if you don’t, you can simple watch it and enjoy it from the sidelines.

This festival is broadcast live by various national television channels. Running of the Bulls is regarded as the highest profile event of the San Fermin Festival that takes place from July 6–14 every year. Double wooden fences are used in streets where there is ample space. In some streets, the buildings work as a barrier. The people are held back by police barriers until the first rocket is fired.

The runners in the Running of the Bulls Festival Spain dress in the traditional clothing of the festival which includes a white shirt and trousers with a red waistband and neckerchief. The runners hold a newspaper rolled in one hand in order to draw the bulls’ attention away from them, if required.

The race starts at 8 a.m. and the first rocket is set free as a sign to runners that the corral gate is open while the second one indicates that all bulls have been released. Other 2 rockets signal that the bulls have entered the bullring and its corral. The race goes through 4 streets of the old part of the city. Also, it passes by a section called Telefónica before entering into the bullring.

Even though this is an extremely exciting event, you must know that hundreds of people are injured in the Running of the Bulls Festival every year. Some people also lose their lives. This is why this event also draws criticism from some. But you can certainly watch it and enjoy the thrill that is a part of the Running of the Bulls Festival.

This spectacular event is watched by millions of people every year. Tourists from all-around the world turn to Spain to be a part of this festival. So if you want to have the time of your life, plan a trip to Spain in July so that you can discover the Running of the Bulls that would give you memories that you would cherish forever.