Solomon Islands

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  • 2017-02-23

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands are a tourist paradise with plenty of wonderful resorts, exotic beaches full of relaxation and luxury and are located in the South Pacific Ocean.

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The Solomon Islands are made up of 1000 islands and cover an area of 28,400 sq km.

The beauty of the South Pacific and friendly and hospitable environment of Solomon Islands makes it a perfect tourist destination. It is an ideal vacation resort for fishing, diving, surfing and snorkeling. Abounding with natural beauty like waterfalls, lush forests and enticing beaches; Solomon Island awaits you to plan a trip to this amazing must see site.


Honiara is popular for its various tourist attractions and being the capital of Solomon Islands, it does not lack for things to do. The National and Culture Museum is located in the center of the town. The museum displays various artifacts related to the cultural heritage including traditional weapons, items related to dancing, currency and ornaments.

Tenaru Falls and Mataniko Falls are other famous attractions for travelers visiting Honiara. The majestic Mataniko Falls descend into a mighty cave which is a startling view. Tenaru Falls is just an hour drive from Honiara and you can hike to this amazing wonder.

Santa Isabel Island

Your trip to Solomon Islands will remain incomplete without a visit to Santa Isabel Island which is the longest and the largest among the Solomon Islands. The natives called it Sambana but the Spanish named it Ysabel. Santa Isabel Island was the first island invaded by Spaniards and at that time it was inhabited by native Melanesian people who were divided into six languages and ethnic groups. Santa Isabel Island is marked with rugged and unreachable mountains still inhabited by indigenous villagers. The coast surrounding this island is enriched with underwater reefs.

Santa Cruz Islands

The Santa Cruz Islands are a cluster of islands located almost 250 miles off the southeast coast of the chain of Solomon Islands and a part of the province of Temotu. Santa Cruz Islands surfaced 5 million years ago due to the northward movement of the Indo-

Australian Plate in the Pacific Ocean.

The composition of Santa Cruz Islands is mainly volcanic ash and limestone; Vanikoro is its highest point. The Santa Cruz Islands belong to a group of Islands called Nendo which spreads over an area of 505.5 sq km and these islands have the largest population figure which is almost 5,000.

Florida Islands

Located 35 km off the coast of Honiara, Florida Islands are a group of islands which are known locally as Nggela Islands. They are located across the popular Iron Bottom Sound from Guadalcanel; another, larger island incuded in the Solomon Islands. The Florida Islands group consists of Tulagi, Gavutu, Tanambog and Nggela Sule.

The US attacked Japan in 1942 from this island and this makes it a famous tourist point to visit. Tulagi which was once the capital of Solomon Islands lost its significance due to its vast destruction in WW II. But due to its excellent diving sites and antique coral reefs Tulagi, in the recent years, is again resurfacing as a popular tourist attraction.