Things to do in Seoul, South Korea

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  • 2017-02-23

Things to do in Seoul, South Korea

N Seoul Tower: As picturesque as a Korean garden, N Seoul Tower offers panoramic but misty views of this enormous city. Although Seoul was originally built 2000 years ago, the modern version was rebuilt after being nearly destroyed during the Korean War in 1950. Daylight views are pictographic, but if you arrive at dusk you can view the great metropolitan transform into a congregation of sparkling stars.

You can enjoy a delicious meal in the tower in the modest Food Court on the ground level or in the extra stylish Italian brasserie, Sweetree, one level up. The Beer Lawn is an added option. High up the turret is Hancook designed for Korean nutrients and N Grill for exclusive Western elegance nouveau food served in a rotating restaurant. In addition to touring the tower, one must explore Namsan, the mountain on which the N Seoul Tower stands.  To reach the tower, take a cable carriage or a yellow bus from Chungmuro tunnel station.

Palace marvels in Seoul


Initially built by Monarch Taejo, the forefather of the Joseon Empire, the majestic of Seoul’s citadels served as the major palace till 1592. Once seared down by Japanese assaults, it lay in ruins for almost 300 years until Heungseon Daewongun, advisor and ancestor of King Gojong, took on the project of reconstructing it in 1865. King Gojong relocated until 1868, but the luxurious rebuilding plan virtually liquidated the kingdom.

Two of the outstanding architectural wonders in Seoul are located here. The first is the ornate two-floor Geunjeongjeon, the chief palace edifice where monarchs were crowned, met overseas emissaries and led the affairs of government. With its dual tiered stone podium, flagstone patio and nearby open-sided passages, Geunjeongjeon is an imposing sight.

Then stroll left to Gyeonghoeru where you will find a huge raised rotunda resting on 48 stone columns and overseeing an artificial creek with two small isles. This is as grand a sight as one could possibly see. Exclusive state feasts were held here and sovereigns went boating on the pool.

Museum Sights in Seoul

War Monument & Museum

This huge gallery documents the history of war in Korea and has a particularly good fragment on the Korean War (1950–53). It takes a minimum of three hours to explore the whole building, so make sure to reach it before 3PM. Only refreshments are available. Don’t attempt to cover this exhibition hall and the National Gallery of Korea at one time; it’s better to make two trips.

On the 1st level are canvases and panoramic displays demonstrating many ferocious fights battled against conquering Chinese, Mongol, and Japanese militaries. Many objects are only elusively dated, but there is an imitation of some of Admiral Sun-sin’s well-known iron dressed turtle war vessels which he used to overthrow the Japanese fleet in the 1590s.

Upstairs, tourists can view loads of black as well as white documented film of the main encounters and actions of the Korean War. Along with pictures, maps and articles, the films give a captivating awareness into what the combat was like: the early morning 4AM attack from the North, the accumulation of US marines in Busan, the naval landing at Incheon, and the move north which was concluded with a Chinese attack – all of which took place in 1950.

On the left side of the museum’s entry are the titles of UN militias killed throughout the war. On the 3rd level the War Experience Chamber is just that, and lasts about five minutes. Other exhibitions cover Korea’s association in the Vietnam Conflict, North Korean assaults on the South ever since 1953, and Korea’s UN negotiation roles.

Kids love playing on the huge military hardware outdoor – tanks, airliners, weaponries and aircrafts, including a B52 bomber.

Shopping Centre marvels in SeoulCOEX Mall

This underground shopping mall is a topmost shopping and entertaining attraction that includes food courts, shops, four hotels, the COEX Concord Centre, World Employment Centre and plenty more. The COEX Aquarium is the biggest in Seoul, with thousands of marine creatures in 90 containers.

You can see turtles, live coral, evil-looking piranhas’, sharks and rays swimming around in huge tanks. Attractive smaller creatures such as vivacious jellyfish, sea horses and glass fish are also exhibited. The small Kimchi Institution sings the acclaims of marinated, spicy cabbage and its astounding health paybacks.