Top 10 Restaurants in Los Angeles

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  • 2017-02-23

Top 10 Restaurants in Los Angeles

The Belvedere Restaurant

The Belvedere Restaurant is a magical world where Chef James Overbaugh offers you a blend of North African, Japanese and Indian spices and ingredients cooked into exotic mouthwatering edibles. The elegant ambience and the aromatic cuisine is irresistible to overlook and guests are made to feel special like an over pampered child.

Although the menu changes weekly, the main course offers signature specialties which are truffle macaronis with cheese and horseradish-parsnip puree served with spinach-lemon cream. Dessert includes pastries, caramel and chocolate cakes, and the wine menu includes top labels like Dom Perignon and other French and American wines.

Hatfield’s Restaurant

Hatfield’s Restaurant situated at Melrose Avenue and owned by Quinn and Karen Hatfield, offers top notch cuisine to attract crowds of visitors. The observatory areas include a large bar area, conservatory and a kitchen decorated with beautiful plants. The appetizer consists of English peas and crab with yellowtail sashimi served with finely grilled brioche and eggs.

The main course may include roasted chicken breast served with steamed asparagus topped with cauliflower or red wine braised short rib with onions and olive-potato puree. Karen’s expertise with excellent desserts like chocolate specialties and milkshakes still waits to end your unforgettable experience.

II Grano Restaurant

II Grano Restaurant is a top rated restaurant with an amazingly beautiful environment designed in attractive combination of dark brown, butterscotch and white colors. The executive chef Salvatore Marino has been in the restaurant business for last two decades with a particularity for doing his own choosing of ingredients and fresh vegetables for his menu.

You can find Marino at a downtown fish market selecting fish and other seafood species personally, or like any other Japanese cook, growing more than fifty species of tomatoes in his private garden. His menu changes frequently and seasonally with specialties like calf’s tongue dipped in parsley-basil sauce, pasta in sea urchin sauce, black rice with skate wing and leek sauce with lentils served with perfectly cooked Alaskan halibut. Dessert includes poached pear or blood orange semifreddo.

Melisse Restaurant

Melisse Restaurant is a top notch French restaurant with an impressively décor of purple colored walls enclosing an attractive dining room furnished with beige colored chairs and tables. The chef Josiah Citrin makes sure the guests receive the best of services with exceptionally cooked food. Citrin is particular in selection of ingredients; purchased specially from a farmer’s market at Santa Monica.

The meal usually starts with a few bites of amuse-bouche followed by fresh cappellini served with lobster, duck breast followed by yams, pomegranate, Swiss cheese and coconut. Dessert specials are crunch of peanut butter, salted popcorn sherbet and a caramel drink.

The Polo Lounge Restaurant

The Polo Lounge Restaurant has been a celebrity destination since it opened in 1941; famous for its legendary award nominations in the whole of Los Angeles. The unusually beautiful ambience includes an open patio decorated with pink flowers and the gorgeously furnished dining room which has welcomed the most powerful, most famous and most desired.

The food is genuinely good including Caesar salad served with tortillas, ponzu- chili sauce topped on ahi tartare and spiced avocado. The main course consists of mushroom croquets, potatoes, beet and sprouted leaves and a red wine sauce. Wines are exceptionally good inclusive of highly expensive prices.

Providence Restaurant

Providence is located at the famous Melrose Avenue, a location with historical celebrity significance. The restaurant is supervised by the executive chef Michael Cimarusti and the manager and co-owner Donato Poto. Michael lets you select your own three course meal or simply offers you Providence’s eight course standard menu.

Manila clams are served with bacon, leeks and lardo de bellota, kampachi sashimi followed by cucumber, grapefruit and soy salt. Occasionally bone marrow topped upon rib eye steak with morsels and squash gratin is part of the elaborate menu. Dessert consists of espresso with bittersweet chocolate and at your choice a six course dessert is available too.

The Royce Restaurant

The Royce Restaurant has been famous for accommodating top rated chefs like Michael Voltaggio, Craig Armstrong and formerly David Feau. Dinner at The Royce is a continuity of legendary dishes including artichoke soup, house made bread and apple tart, green apple with argan oil served with tuna belly, pomegranate cooked slow poached lobster, scallops in a broth, sea urchin soup with sea urchins served on apple cabbage and fish course includes a perfectly baked salmon, roasted loin followed by red cabbage and ginger. Wine rooms are coupled, one for white and the second for red wines.

Saam at the Bazaar

Saam at the Bazaar is a serene Spanish restaurant headed by famous chef Jose Andreas who likes to call it the tasting room. Far from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles it is the choicest place to dine romantically or officially. The interior is furnished in beige color topped by a wooden ceiling with decors like shell shaped candle scones ad walls covered by rows of books.

The menu is rich with chicken, sea urchin, asparagus, caviar, artichoke soup and chocolates for dessert. Wines are a global selection of the best.

Urasawa Restaurant

Urasawa Restaurant, named after the legendary Japanese chef Hiroyuki Urasawa, offers one of the most extraordinary dining options in Los Angeles. Urasawa offers a small accommodation for only 10 guests with a nine course menu followed by a selection of sushi.

The selection of ingredients is a matter of great delicacy and they are imported from Japan. The menu, changed seasonally, includes toro cooked over hot stones, tofu custard topped by salmon roe and Japanese beef barbequed delicately. Sushi prepared by Urasawa himself is the greatest specialty of this restaurant.

Wolfgang Puck Restaurant

Wolfgang Puck Restaurant is located in the Bel -Air Hotel and the chief chef Wolfgang Puck provides the best to uphold the reputation of the famous hotel. The menu is composed of fresh farmer products, poultry and seafood including mushroom soup with beans, avocado, baby fennel with blood orange sauce, truffle risotto, scallops, lamb is served with eggplant, sun choke puree and yogurt and filet mignon. Dessert consists of crystal candy, chocolate mousse and Columbian chocolate filled with ice-cream.